4.30pm - 5.30pm | Smithfield Square Green

In this discussion BlueFire invites a panel of artivists to talk about the role that art is increasing playing in shaping Ireland's society.  The speakers will talk about how they have used their art to channel messages, what inspired and motivated them, how they positioned their work in the public domain, experiences of resistance and how or if they are able to measure its impact.

Artivism sits at the crossroads of art and activism.  It is art with a mission for social and political change. It is used to raise awareness, to invite contemplation and for those with a global agenda, to unite and raise consciousness for a healthier and more harmonious planet.

Artivism is practiced by artists across all artforms and addresses a wide range of issues from social justice and human rights to racism, gender and the environment. In Ireland it has been present in various and numerous campaigns from Repeal the Eighth, Marriage Equality, Climate Crisis and Homelessness to Refugees | Asylum Seekers and End to Direct Provision.

This talk invites Young Change Makers, Artists, Activists and all those interested in making a difference to attend this inspiring talk and to contribute questions and observations relating to this ever growing Art for Change movement.



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Will St Leger


Will St Leger is an activist, artist and musician. He lives and works in Dublin, Ireland.

Graduating in Design and Communications in 1994, he moved to London and set up a design company called, Sodium.  In 1999, St Leger realised that his creative superpowers could be also used for good and joined Greenpeace. He was often involved in several high profile direct actions on oil rigs, nuclear power stations and army bases.

On returning to Dublin in 2004 he began producing street art that mixed art and activism.  As a well-known art interventionist, St Leger as been behind a number of bold installations, such as 100 fake landmines around Dublin’s parks to highlight landmine awareness and placing a life sized fake missile in the city centre for action on Syria.

As a self proclaimed, ‘Mindful Vandal’ St Leger tends to fuse together popular culture and historical icons with humour, often presenting new meanings. Typical themes centre on religion, human rights, war and the environment. Will is also one half of electronic synth-pop group called Faune.

Emily Robyn Archer

Emily Archer is a visual artist, environmental activist and facilitator passionate about the natural world and our connection to it.  She creates large scale interactive projects & installations with an environmental theme.  Emily is the Art Director for Ireland's branch of the Extinction Rebellion XRI.

Her work has included Solar Dancer (commissioned by ESB 2014), Dream Farm an interactive glass house imagining a future of urban farming (Granby Park 2013), Shoal a participatory project to raise awareness of overfishing (Dublin City of Science 2012), The Ouroborus Experiment an installation involving a giant cardboard dragon (Artist in residence, Homesession Gallery, Barcelona 2011) and The Post Room Project a participatory art project with staff of Waterford Regional Hospital using the hospital postal service as a means to share and collaborate on artworks (Artist in residence -Waterford Healing Arts Trust 2010).

As part of her projects she facilitates workshops empowering young people into creative action around environmental issues. This has evolved into Cre8 Sustainability- a creative agency for environmental education. 

She has a BA in Fine Art from the National College of Art & Design, Dublin and is a graduate of the 2014 Incubator Programme with the School for Social Entrepreneurs Ireland.

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Sasha Terfous

Waterford's, Sasha Terfous grew up as an outsider in the purest sense of the word – her sexuality, ethnicity and even her personality marking an easy target. Taking her differences and growing into them, she has emerged as a proud gay woman of colour and found that her perceived weaknesses have become part of her strength.

In 2019 she took part in the worldwide project Female Tribes, articulating the challenges facing women in Ireland today. The opening lines of her poem sum it up perfectly; "women in Ireland have bought into the idea that it has never been a better time to be a woman. This, unfortunately, is a myth." 

The summer of 2019 saw Sasha performing at the Electric Picnic, Other Voices, All Together Now and with Wooden Elephant on their German performances of Beyoncé’s Lemonade album.

Cleyton Mendes Ferreira

Cleyton Mendes Ferreira was born in the eastern zone of São Paulo, Brazil. He is a writer, poet, slammer, master of ceremony, cultural activist and a griot of the ghetto. His texts embody an effervescent passion for orality, a mixture of ancestry, bohemia, reflection, banzo, longing and of course, love - in itself and for what it does.
Like most of Brazil's young black community Cleyton knew very early on of the heavy hand, the toil and the prejudice that was destined to be his life if he did not escape this chaos; it was this macabre reality that was the fuel for his 'walk'.
Cleyton graduated in Advertising and Propaganda from Universidade Nove De Julho  in 2016. He has published four books 'Relatos De Uma Insônia' 'Contraindicação', 'ETCÉTERA' and 'Africa é Logo Aqui', besides being part of fourteen other poetic anthologies, produced by different cultural collectives throughout Brazil.

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