12.30pm - 1.20pm | Performance Tent on the Square


Abdelaziz Abishark & Abdullah Al Bayyari

12.30m - 12.45pm

Abdelaziz is a musician from Gaza, Palestine and now living in Ireland. He plays kanoun which is an oriental musical instrument containing 78 strings. He has won many competitions as a solo artist and also playing with his band Trio Kanoun. He was classified as the youngest kanoun player in the Middle East. Irish born Palestinian Abdullah first started playing the guitar and then went on to play the Oud, a traditional Arabic instrument. By learning to play the Oud, Adbullah spreads awareness of his people and culture through music.

Resistance Choir

12.50pm - 1.05pm

The Resistance Choir use music and songs to protest against injustice and inequality. They sing in solidarity with homeless people, refugees and asylum seekers, minority groups, and other marginalised or disadvantaged people. They sing about the housing crisis, austerity, and other social and political issues. They have been on the go for 5 years and don’t intend on stopping any time soon, or for as long as there are songs to sing to tackle oppression.

Maracatu Ilha Brilhante

1.05pm - 1.20pm

Maracatu Ilha Brilhante (MiB) is a gathering of percussionists from all four corners of Ireland specialising in the beautiful songs and powerful rhythms of Maracatu Baque Virado from Pernambuco, Brazil. Using traditional songs and the music of Pernambuco’s various Maracatu traditions, the group focus on the delivery of both the energy and spirit of Maracatu.
The group have now developed an interest nationally among Brazilian music enthusiasts, internationally and feature a cross section of some of Ireland’s finest drumming talent under the musical directorship of Tom Duffy.


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