12 midday - 7pm | Smithfield Square

Climate Action is the theme for this year's International Day of Peace. To highlight this, artworks will be created on the Square by some of Dublin’s leading artists including Will St Leger, Subset, the creative team of Extinction Rebellion and leaders in sustainable fashion NU Wardrobe. Some of the pieces will be created live on the day so be sure to take a seat or get involved!


Will St Leger

Will St Leger is an activist, artist and musician. He lives and works in Dublin, Ireland. Graduating in Design and Communications in 1994, he moved to London and set up a design company called, Sodium.  In 1999,  St Leger realised that his creative superpowers could be also used for good and joined Greenpeace. He was often involved in several high profile direct actions on oil rigs, nuclear power stations and army bases. On returning to Dublin in 2004 he began producing street art that mixed art and activism. 

As a well-known art interventionist, St Leger as been behind a number of bold installations, such as 100 fake landmines around Dublin’s parks to highlight landmine awareness and placing a life sized fake missile in the city centre for action on Syria.

As a self proclaimed, ‘Mindful Vandal’ St Leger tends to fuse together popular culture and historical icons with humour, often presenting new meanings. Typical themes centre on religion, human rights, war and the environment. Will is also one half of electronic synth-pop group called Faune.



SUBSET is a multidisciplinary artist collective consisting of artists, designers, sculptors, filmmakers and photographers. The collective specialise in a variety of outlets, primarily large format artwork and installation. They aim to promote public thought and to support dialogue around important contemporary issues with their work. 

For the festival SUBSET will create a new mural work in support of Climate Action. "The link between the ocean and human waste are intrinsic in the inspiration for this piece. The concept explores plastic on a microscopic level, magnifying these tiny particles and enlarging their scale. The intention is to reveal an unsettling reality; this invisible plastic has infiltrated our environment down to the nanosphere."


Extinction Rebellion

Extinction Rebellion are close to becoming a household name as they have stormed the mainstream media with their radical and rebellious actions. Extinction Rebellion is an international movement that uses non-violent civil disobedience in an attempt to halt mass extinction and minimise the risk of social collapse. They have mobilised 3.5% of the population to achieve system change and have proven this through their artistic and theatrically staged events outside of government buildings. They are joining us on Smithfield’s Square to showcase some of their infamous artwork which has encouraged thousands all over the world to speak up and speak out about the climate emergency we are facing.


Tom Byrne

Tom Byrne is highly regarded as one of the hottest painters around. He is a widely collected world renowned artist his work examines the beauty and glamour of our culture with equal part starry-eyed wonderment, brutal honesty and aspirational longing.

Due to the enormous success of the electric picnic commission highlighting climate change artist Tom Byrne will be joining us at BlueFire Street Fest to recreate his wonderful portrait of David Attenborough, highlighting climate change. Come along and watch him paint it.


The Nu Wardrobe

Nu is a clothes sharing community that allows access to a constantly changing wardrobe, without the social or environmental costs. Through sharing, you extend the life cycle of clothing and significantly reduce waste. It's a sustainable alternative to fast fashion that doesn't break the bank.  With communities across Ireland and the UK, you can borrow clothes in your area and enjoy fashion in a new way!


Daniela & Sinead

Make Your Pledge for Climate Change. This is an interactive installation to promote individual change as part of the global call for climate action.  The installation is made from recycled materials.  Daniela and Sinead invite people to enter the installation to make their pledge for climate action.

Chalk Walls

We invite you to reflect on the words of great peace leaders and contribute your own personal wisdom.


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