12 midday - 6pm | Smithfield Square

Teenagers in North Inner City Dublin bring you 2019’s Teenzone - a community hub exploring heroes of peace, and the hidden heroes of Dublin. A contrast between well known leaders who’ve publicly progressed society and its’ effort to creating peace within our communities - Madiba, Malcolm X, Samar Khan; and the hidden heroes in Dublin, who are forced to deal with homelessness - and continue to show up every day. Show up for work, for school, or simply by getting up each day. 

Too many teenagers from Dublin have been affected by our homeless crisis, and these young women from North Inner City Dublin are coming together to call on our government to take action. Knowing that we as citizens also have a responsibility to create change within our communities, they will be running a number of activities to raise money for homelessness. Activities in the teenzone include: football skills, henna, badge making and graffiti t-shirts. 


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